Fart Blanche: Permission by one's spouse to fart under the blankets while in bed together.

i have a raging boner for supernatural, himym, breaking bad, sherlock, skins, the walking dead, doctor who, game of thrones, true blood, dexter, american horror story, bates motel, netflix, british things/people, accents, cats, cute people, sexy time, and alcohol.

im confused and angry and drunk 98% of the time, the other 2% im sleeping

This blog is, like my brain; scattered, scary, confused, and full of crap that doesn't make sense.
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yas more of these!

I’m so sad, I found some of these in a thrift store in a tiny town on the peninsula and I didn’t buy them! And now they’re gone!

Hubs will enjoy this. ^_^


LOVE THIS! The artists of the 40’s were great at not showing an overabundance of flesh, but instead leaving much to the imagination. The red hair and the red long johns go together like pie and ice cream — most delicious.